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Opera for Teenagers

Love the music.

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A community for all things related to opera. It is intended for *younger* people who are interested in the subject (who may be intimidated by the 'older' people who have been *at it for longer* ;-)). You don't need to be an opera singer to be a part of this community, you don't need to be able to name 20 composers off the top of your head, all you need is a genuine interest to learn about this great art form.
Join, post, ask questions, give answers, start discussions, make friends.

- Have fun
- Play nice
- Try to stay somewhat on topic
- No flaming (so you can't stand Charlotte Church and someone else loves her? Save it for some sort of 'intelligent' debate on a specific post, kthx.)
- Cut/warn us in the subject about shameless plugs

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